Spring Dance Gala 2016 - The Ugly Duckling Ballet

Spring Dance Gala 2016

Featuring "The Ugly Duckling Ballet"

Saturday, May 14th, 6pm at Dickinson Theatre PVCC

Once upon a time, a happy family of ducks lived near a beautiful pond. They splashed, swam and danced with the friendly woodland creatures.

A trio of eccentric, old, troublemaking vultures picked on one of the ducklings for looking different from the others and named her “Ugly.”  Upset and confused, The Ugly Duckling ran away from her family.

The Ugly Duckling roamed through the woods with her woodland friends where she saw beautiful dragonflies, charming tortoises, and ethereal angelfish in a flowing river. The Ugly Duckling discovered another pond surrounded by enchanting dancing swans.

The Ugly Duckling grew up and her feathers and appearance changed. The vultures found her and showed her that she wasn’t ugly at all. Ugly realized that she wasn’t a duckling, but a swan!

Mama Duck and her ducklings found our hero. The Ugly Duckling, overcome with joy, realized she had two families, ducks and swans, who loved her very much. And they all rejoiced and lived happily ever after.

Words Won’t Suffice explores the depth of love in friendship and the difficult and courageous decision to be there for another person. The dancers developed and influenced this piece with subject matter that personally affected each of them.

Mode expresses the definition of its namesake, a color, an aspect of music, a definition used in physics, a description of fashion, and a designated condition. Mode is a way, a method. Performed by The Harrisonburg Dance Cooperative and choreographed by Ellie de Waal.

Rhapsody is a new, neo-classical ballet inspired by George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins, choreographed by Veronica Hart and performed by ABT dancers.

Proceeds support the Dancing Off the Streets™ need-based scholarship program.

Run time is a proximately 1.5 hours. Bring the entire family!  

Saturday, May 14th, 6pm at Dickinson Theatre PVCC

Tickets: $12 Adults & $9 Childrent, Students, Military, Seniors

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